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Put simply, ClinicOffice is the most beautiful, powerful and elegantly simple practice management software available for healthcare clinics.

Hundreds of clinics (in the UK and worldwide) across many different professions are benefitting from using ClinicOffice to manage their busy practices.

ClinicOffice is available in two ways (click here for a full comparison)…

ClinicOffice Hosted Edition
(Cloud Based)
Startup, Pro or Server Edition
(Local Install)

Want to know more? Give our friendly sales team a call on 01205 205500.


Awesome Support!

No ‘support tickets’. No queuing. Great support. Hosted and Support Plan clients simply call our dedicated UK support team for immediate help. Just one area where ClinicOffice shines above and beyond the competition! (see the testimonials)

Appointment Diary

A feature rich and fully comprehensive diary system, with free time search, waiting list, patient recall and SMS reminder facilities. Includes a Today’s Clinic feature to allow you to see your days activity at a glance.

Clinical Notes

Easily add and track case and session notes. Customize your clinical forms, add/remove/edit fields to suit your workflow. The Quick Text Manager also speeds up the process of writing out repetitive diagnosis/treatment notes.

Patient Accounts

Invoicing, payments and patient account tracking at your fingertips. We also directly integrate with Worldpay and Paymentsense to streamline taking payments with a card terminal!

Automated Communications

Send appointment reminders via SMS/email and even correspond via SMS/email directly in ClinicOffice! Keep track of all email/call/text communications on a per patient basis.

Advanced Reporting Engine

If data is recorded in ClinicOffice, it can be reported on! The software has a flexible, fully customizable reporting system which can be exported to a raft of different formats.

Multi-Clinic Support

Do you have more than one clinic at different locations? No problem! ClinicOffice supports multiple clinics within the same database, which is ideal with the Hosted Edition.

Task Management

With ClinicOffice you can manage your tasks by linking them to your patient records. You can also make them private, global or assigned to specific staff members to monitor their progress!

Amazing Flexibility

ClinicOffice is the most flexible practice management software. Completely re-design your patient, contact, appointment & staff screens to suit your needs… and add new fields to capture whatever information you wish.


Online Diary (Add-on)

The Online Diary allows you (and your staff) to view your diary and basic patient information via any web-browser (on any device). Also allows patients to book their own appointments online!

Email Manager (Add-on)

Turns ClinicOffice into a full email program. This tightly integrates your emails with your patient and contact records, which enhances team collaboration for your staff.

Unlimited Documents (Add-on)

Securely attach unlimited images, scans, x-rays, photographs, visual notes, letters, documents… any file you want to patient records, clinical notes, contacts, staff records etc.


“ClinicOffice truly is the most advanced practice management solution available. The program has been superbly crafted… and the support is 100% as well!”

“ClinicOffice has revolutionised the way we run our clinic… great training and a fantastic support team on the end of the phone who are always willing to help.”

“We have been using ClinicOffice for some seven years or more and are delighted with the program in every way… backup from Pioneer Software has been terrific!”

“One of the few providers where you’re NOT put in a queue for 20 minutes! It’s great to speak with real people who know what they’re doing… second to none!”

“There is NO other system out there which allowed me to design, customize and modify my patient records… I recommend ClinicOffice to any clinician any day.”

“The software is very user friendly and we are always assured of excellent technical support… I would definitely recommend ClinicOffice to any private practice.”

“As an existing ClinicOffice customer with a support contract, we have been delighted at the response times to our problems and the effective resolution of the problem.”

“Our clinic runs much more efficiently… I would highly recommend any clinic manager looking for a complete clinic software solution to try ClinicOffice.”

“The Pioneer Software help team are great, any questions or help you need they’re just ready to assist in a professional and friendly manner. Highly recommended software!”

“Very approachable and always helpful with queries and they help you to tailor the program to suit your needs. I would highly recommend any clinic to try this product.”

“I am writing to thank you for the support you have given me. I’m so thankful I came across ClinicOffice! The support team have been great… it’s all been so easy!”

“I am extremely pleased with your support service… you have made an excellent ‘all in one’ product, which I have found especially suitable in my practice.”

“ClinicOffice is great for our multi-site practice. Pioneer Software has developed an excellent piece of software that is both easy to use and affordable.”

“Doing business with your company has been a true pleasure for me. ClinicOffice has proven to be a tool that I would be lost without.”

“ClinicOffice has proved itself as one of the best investments of my clinic. I can highly recommend it to any healthcare practitioner…”

“We chose ClinicOffice and have never looked back… we’ve always found the support very prompt and very helpful. Thank you Pioneer Software.”

4000 +

Users Worldwide

500 +

Hosted Clients

95 %

Customer Satisfaction


Countries using ClinicOffice

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Years of Success


ClinicOffice is a Microsoft Windows program so we recommend running it on a PC, however many of our customers happily use ClinicOffice on Apple MACs (and other devices too) thanks to the Hosted Edition and the web-based Online Diary.

For more information about running on an Apple MAC, please click here.

Want to know more? Give our friendly sales team a call on 01205 205500.


Whether you’re interested in subscribing to the cloud-based Hosted Edition or purchasing ClinicOffice, we strongly recommend downloading the completely FREE 30 day ClinicOffice Trial to try it out first.

Download FREE 30-Day Trial

The trial is actually the full program (with a few limitations) and includes a helpful tutorial to take you through the basics. If you enter your own ‘live’ clinic data and then decide to go ahead with ClinicOffice, all the data you’ve entered will be seamlessly converted to the full version so that you can carry on using it!

Want to know more? Give our friendly sales team a call on 01205 205500.