Software for your Sports Therapy Clinic

Sports Therapists, like many other practitioners, run a busy practice and need to be able to access information quickly, efficiently and accurately. Staff also need adequate support if they are to be successful in their roles. By implementing management software you can make things easier for reception staff and clinical staff alike, as well as for your patients.

Are you looking for software for your Clinic?  Our software has been a success story for many healthcare clinics. We’ve constantly improved and updated features to make it as powerful as possible. It is one of the most advanced pieces of software currently on the market and so flexible that it allows you to customise and meet the needs of your individual Clinic.

Here’s what some existing users of ClinicOffice think:

“We have been using ClinicOffice for some seven years or more and are delighted with the program in every way. We searched hard and long to find a suitable software for our clinics and eventually found ClinicOffice. It is everything we hoped for in a simple to use, fully comprehensive software package, and the service and back up from Pioneer Software has been terrific.

All I can say is that I highly recommended ClinicOffice!”


“ClinicOffice has automated so many of the day to day tasks that I used to do manually and which I now take for granted. My non-attendance rate has plummeted now that I can send texts to patients to remind them of upcoming appointments, and contacting patients at specific times after treatments or enquiries has become very simple.”

If you have any questions about our different products/services, or if you’d like to place an order over the phone, please give our friendly sales team a call on 01205 205500 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

ClinicOffice v5 - Clinic Management Software box