Do I need training to use ClinicOffice?

Although ClinicOffice is a very complex and intuitive software, it is very simple to navigate.  Whether you are the receptionist, a Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Phychologist or a Cosmetic surgeon we have found that the majority of new users do not require any training at all.  If however you feel your Clinic may need a helping hand then we have several options available to you.

On-site Training

Every business operates differently and has their own unique requirements, so our training staff will tailor the training to suit your needs on-site at your place of business.

Hosted Training

We’re also pleased to offer hosted training sessions here in Boston, Lincolnshire. Some clients prefer to send their staff to us, which gets them away from their usual (chaotic!) work place, so that they can fully concentrate on learning new skills in a more relaxed environment.

For hosted training days, we use the excellent facilities at the Boston Enterprise Centre

Telephone Training

The most cost-effective training is for us to connect into your Clinic remotely and train up to 3-4 staff members with best practices and tips. This is charged on an hourly basis and starts from £35+vat per hour.

ClinicOffice has a built-in tutorial for each staff member to complete before starting to use the software and there is also a free full user manual in pdf available.

To see a price list for training, please see here.

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