Postcode Anywhere Integration

We’ve integrated PostcodeAnywhere’s UK Address Lookup facility into our software. This means that when entering addresses, you can simply enter the POSTCODE and then perform an address lookup. It also allows you to validate existing addresses which may be incorrect.

What are the benefits?

  • Save Time and Money (on average about 1 minute per address)
  • Increases Accuracy (no spelling mistakes or wrong addresses)
  • Customer Satisfaction (clients spend less time spelling out details)
  • Plus other benefits (as discussed on PostcodeAnywhere’s website)

PostcodeAnywhere Demo video

What does it cost?

  • PostcodeAnywhere integration is a standard feature of ClinicOffice, so there are no additional charges from us. However, PostcodeAnywhere do charge an annual fee for access to Royal Mail’s PAF database :
  • Premise Level*
  • £199 per year
  • Street Level*
  • £99 per year

Prices exclude VAT. Prices are set by PostcodeAnywhere and may be subject to change. You can find their full price list here
*see the bottom of this page for more information on Premise and Street Level

Which Option is best for me?

If money is not an object and/or if you want the best postcode lookup service, then we would recommend the PREMISE LEVEL service.

If money is a concern or if you only require a basic “street lookup” facility, then the STREET LEVEL service may suit you better.

Please see this video which demonstrates the differences between the two services.

How do I sign up?

Please follow these steps to create your PostcodeAnywhere account and to configure it with ClinicOffice

  1. CLICK HERE to signup for your PostcodeAnywhere account (creating an account is FREE)
  2. Make a note of your ACCOUNT CODE and PASSWORD (where do I find this information?)
  3. Now that you have an account, you need to order your chosen service (see above). Please click the appropriate button below, which will re-direct you to the PostcodeAnywhere shopping cart
  • Premise Level*
  • Street Level*

4.   After completing your purchase, PostcodeAnywhere will add a “License Key” to your account.

      Please login to your PostcodeAnywhere account and click YOUR PRODUCTS then GENERIC KEYS.
       You should now see your license key – it’s a long number in the form AB12-CD34-EF56-GH78.

5.   Lastly, we need to tell ClinicOffice about your PostcodeAnywhere account. Please do the following :-

      (a) From ClinicOffice, click the VIEW menu, then CLINICOFFICE SETTINGS

      (b) Go to the GLOBAL SETTINGS tab and click the “Setup PostcodeAnywhere Account” button

      (c) Now enter your PostcodeAnywhere ACCOUNT CODE and LICENSE KEY in the appropriate boxes

      (d) Click the TEST button to make sure it’s all working and then click OK

Congratulations! You have now configured ClinicOffice to work with your PostcodeAnywhere account. If you need some assistance with any of the above, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

*What’s the difference between Premise and Street Level?

Premise Level: Allows you to look up addresses down to the PROPERTY level, so that you can select the exact address from a list. Street Level: Allows you to look up addresses down to STREET level, but you need to manually enter the property name or number.

Need more help?

Please contact us and we’ll gladly assist!