COv4 to COv5 – Upgrade Pricing

Customers who have previously purchased ClinicOffice v4 are eligible to upgrade toClinicOffice v5 at a much reduced price compared to re-purchasing the software.

Please consult the pricing table on this page to see what your upgrade would cost.

If you would like to proceed with an upgrade, or if you have any questions then please contact our friendly sales team and they’ll be happy to help!


This table shows the COv4 to COv5 upgrade costs. If you’re struggling to work out what your upgrade cost would be or if you’re not even sure what you’ve previously purchased then please give us a call!

  • ClinicOffice Editions
  • Cov4 to v5 Startup
  • Cov4 to v5 Professional
  • Cov4 to v5 Server
  • Addon Modules
  • Initial License
  • £75
  • £225
  • £450
  • £45 each
  • Additional Licenses
  • n/a
  • £75
  • £75
  • n/a

If you have COv4 Startup and one module, the upgrade would be 75+45 = £120

If you have 2 COv4 Professional licenses and 2 modules, then it would be 225+75+(2×45) = £390

If you have 3 COv4 Professional licenses and 3 modules, then it would be 225+(2×75)+(3×45) = £510

If you have the COv4 Server Edition plus 5 licenses and 3 modules, then the upgrade cost would be 450+(5×75)+(3×45) = £960

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