Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your reply. CO only asks me if I want to back date the invoice when I make an invoice for an appointment in the past. Not for an appointment in the future. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

I don’t understand completely what you mean with “from withing the appointment itself”. I have the full week view, and from there I right click on the appointment and create invoice. System uses today’s date as invoice date rather than appointment (which is in the future) date.

When I double click to open the appointment I can either choose Create Invoice (top) or Raise an invoice (bottom). Neither options prompts the window to back date the invoice. It should future-date the invoice (if that is even a word).

Invoices are prepared in advance by the secretary and send as early as 24h before the session takes place, but invoice date on the invoice should be same day as the appointment.