Thank you again Joshua,

As per agreement with our clients cancellations can take place without charge up to 48 hours before the session. Between 48-24h 50% payment is required. Cancelling your appointment 24h or less or not showing up for your appointment at all, results in having to pay for the entire session. Clients are reminded 3 or 4 days in advance so there is still enough time to cancel without having to pay anything.

It might seem strict but there are multiple factors contributing to this: the very long waiting list with clients who do really want an appointment, culture (forgetting, being late, not informing timely), the waste of time and loss of income because due to the very late cancellation or no show, no other client was able to be planned. There is of course some flexibility for late cancellations (first time is never charged, depending on clients usual behavior, factors we know can play a role eg weather, death in family, etc).

We then move the entire appointment, manually change the date of the invoice, instead of voiding the invoice and creating a new one. This does not happen often as clients are reminded and have signed of on the treatment agreement. The no shows/late cancellations have dropped drastically since implementing these rules. This is the reason clients can receive an invoice up to 24h in advance.

It seems more logical if CO would use the appointment date as starting point for the invoice date  (not the date it was created if date is before appointment date), the same way that if I would create a session note for an appointment in the future, it uses the appointment date, not the date I created the session note. And of course the possibility to back-date like CO offers now.

I understand what I am looking for this is not possible at the moment and would require some specific action. It is something we use daily so might be worth investing in.

How can I find out what these charges would be?