Joshua Barrs

Hi LucyKS,

The way the system would handle this as far as the patient is concerned is as a separate page. That way you could create 3 forms, but at the top of each one, you could put something like ‘Medical History Continued…etc’.

You could then at the bottom of each section pop in a label that says something like…

‘Click Next to move onto section 2 and to save your progress.’

When the patient then comes back, it would take them straight to section 2. (We know this is actually a separate form, but you can format it in such a way that it just looks like a continuation of the form.)

That way, it’s broken up a little for the patient rather than having just one long document.

Regarding improvements to the system, we don’t actually have anything planned at the moment, and so by extension, we don’t have any timescales to offer. This is just because other updates have taken priority, such as the online diary.