Joshua Barrs

Hi LucyKS,

Many thanks for your post.

Regarding your first point, the easiest way to extract this information would be to use any of the invoice based reports already built into ClinicOffice. You would just need to select the ‘Recipient’ as the insurance company, and the ‘Patient’ as the patient the appointment was for in your search criteria.

Regarding your second point, to duplicate the physical invoices just wouldn’t be possible, because you’d end up with unbalanced financial information. However ClinicOffice does already provide access from any patient record to any corresponding insurance related invoices. It does this by showing a custom link to the bottom of the finances tab in the patient record. Any time the software sees that patient has invoices related to them that were paid via insurance, this link will show. It displays at the bottom of the tab, and is captioned ‘Other Invoices’.