Joshua Barrs

Hi Brad,

Pleased to hear that’s worked for you with the Anti-Virus. It’s difficult for us to recommend AV for use along side ClinicOffice due to the dynamic nature of it all, and the fact that a single update to their software can cause problems.

At present, whilst our hosted platform operates with data centre level security suite software, many of our staff are very happy with Windows Defender for their personal computers.

Regarding the ‘Laggy performance’ you are experiencing on the client PC’s, this is very difficult for us to diagnose without having a direct connection to both the server & the client machines. The problem will be either network or hardware related, just for the reason that if there were a software problem, we would see the same issue across multiple users.

To diagnose any further we would need to run disk I/O and network transfer tests that would reflect the kind of traffic ClinicOffice would be expected to generate. Unfortunately you have chosen not to take out any support with us, so whilst we would still be happy to help, you would need to pay a one-off support fee, or consider joining the Support Plan.

It’s also worth mentioning though that even if we were to connect in, whilst we can assist in locating the problem, we are limited with what we can do to solve it remotely when it relates to a hardware or a network issue.

We would still strongly encourage – even if it’s just for a testing period – that you try a wired network connection with one of the PC’s to rule that out completely. Even the most advanced Wi-Fi technologies can suffer from interference and file degradation, both of which are unlikely to be picked up in a standard ping test.