We are still trying to reproduce the issue mentioned above. To aid us in this would it be possible to let us know which version and build of ClinicOffice that you are running? To find this information please go to the Help menu/tab in ClinicOffice and click the About ClinicOffice button. Also would it be possible to let us know the type of printer that you are using as well?

One test that you can run on your system is to install a PDF Printer driver. You did mention that you have exported the document to PDF but the PDF Printer works slightly differently in that you click on print and select the PDF Printer program instead and then save it. The PDF Printer works on the same principle as a standard printer.

If possible please download and install a small program called “BullZip PDF Printer” and when printing your multi-page document select to print to BullZip PDF Printer. Does this print all pages or only the first one?

Click here to download BullZip PDF Printer

Many thanks and look forward to hearing your responses.