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    ClinicOffice 2005 (CO2005) uses a completely new database structure to ClinicOffice XP (CLXP), so it’s necessary to perform a database conversion before you can start using ClinicOffice 2005.

    Please note that this conversion process will NOT affect your CLXP database at all. It creates a copy of your data in the new CO2005 format. This means that firstly you can carry on using CLXP as normal even after performing the conversion, and secondly, that the new CO2005 database and your existing CLXP are completely separate and not linked in any way.

    So after performing the conversion, you can while still using CLXP as your ‘live’ system while testing CO2005. When you want to switch over to CO2005 as your live system, simply perform the conversion again (so that your CO2005 is up-to-date from CLXP) and then start using CO2005 as your live system.


    After you have installed ClinicOffice 2005, please follow these instructions…

      [1] Make sure both ClinicOffice XP and ClinicOffice 2005 are NOT running (this includes making sure that other network users are logged off).
      [2] Click START | Programs | ClinicOffice 2005 | ClinicOffice XP Converter” to launch the converter program.
      [3] Tick the database that you wish to convert. If you had several CLXP clinic databases, then you can merge them all into one, however for most customers you will only need to put one tick next to your own clinic database.
      [4] Make a note of the “folder for the new database”. The default is “C:ClinicDB”. This is the folder where the new ClinicOffice 2005 database will be created. Just leave the default setting if you’re not sure what it should be.
      [5] Click GO. You’ll be prompted to enter a name for the new database – just click OK unless you want to change it.

    That’s it! The conversion process will now commence. Depending on the size of your database and the speed of your computer, the conversion can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour. Once the conversion is finished, the last step is to add the converted database in to ClinicOffice 2005.

      [6] Close the conversion program
      [7] Run ClinicOffice 2005
      [8] From the logon screen, click Add a Database (under Common Actions in the side panel)
      [9] Now we need to tell ClinicOffice 2005 where the converted database is stored. You can use the folder browser to select the new database folder, or you can type the folder location directly into the “Folder” edit box. For example, if you accepted the default folder (in step [4]) then simply type c:clinicdb in the folder box.
      [10] Click OK.

    ClinicOffice 2005 should now inform you that your converted database has been added to the list.

    All that remains is to select your converted database from the database list in the logon screen, and type in your username and password to log on. (Your username and password are the same as whatever you used in ClinicOffice XP).

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