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    Yes you can, but in order for us to keep our licensing records accurate, please can we ask that you follow the instructions below.

    Firstly, you need to remove the license from you old computer. To do this :-

    [1] Login to your database (on your old computer)
    [2] Click Help | Remove ClinicOffice License
    [3] You will be Prompted to make sure that you want to do this – click YES
    [4] ClinicOffice will now give you a code to confirm that the license has been removed from this computer – please make a note of this code

    You can now install ClinicOffice on your new computer, but you will still need to contact us (by email or phone) for a new activation code for this new computer. Please quote the un-install code from your old computer (which proves that the license has been removed) and then we can quickly issue you with an activation code for your new computer.

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