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    This FAQ explains how to import a list of patients (and/or contacts) from a CSV file.

    A CSV file (Comma Separated Variable format) can easily be created or edited using Microsoft Excel. Here’s a sample CSV file that you can download which demonstrates the correct format expected by ClinicOffice for importing patient data :-
    Sample import file

    Once you have created your CSV file, the import process is quite straight-forward.

    [1] Logon to your ClinicOffice database
    [2] Click File | Import Patients
    [3] Click the Open Import File button and locate your CSV file
    [4] ClinicOffice will now display a ‘preview’ of the data from your CSV file. Check through the data to make sure it is correct and then click Import Data to proceed with the import.

    Please note : As always, we strongly recommend you take a backup of your data before any operation that will significantly affect your database.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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