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    This FAQ talks you through how to send an email to multiple patients.

    Firstly, go to the Patient Database and perform a search so that all the desired email recipients are on the screen. For example, if you wanted to send an email to all patients whose last appointment was over six months ago, then perform a search on the “Last Appointment Date” field (you may need to change the Layout to Appointment Dates first) and set the search for where the last appointment date was less than 6 months ago.

    Once you have all the patients on the screen to whom you want to send the email, then right click on the patient grid and choose “Export the Grid To…” then choose MS Excel and choose “All Displayed Records” (or you could select a subset of the displayed records and use the “All Selected Records” option) then click OK.

    Now select a file name which defaults to “grid_export.xls”. For ease, we recommend saving the file to your DESKTOP. Click Save. You can now close ClinicOffice and you will see the “grid_export” file on your desktop. Double-click it to launch MS Excel.

    The last step is simply to select the email addresses in MS Excel by clicking on the first email address and dragging the mouse downwards to the last email address. Copy these addresses to the clipboard (press CTRL-C or click “Edit | Copy”).

    Bring up a new blank email and then click on the To: field and paste the emails in (press CTRL-V or click “Edit | Paste”). You can now send the email to all the recipients.

    As an alternative to pasting the addresses into the To: field, you might want to paste them into the BCC: field. This stands for “Blind Carbon Copy”. Using this field means that the recipients won’t see a long list of addresses when they receive the email – in other words it will look like it was addressed to them personally.

    The BCC: is sometime hidden by default. If you’re using MS Outlook, you’ll see an option on the “View” menu that lets you hide or unhide the field. Please check the documentation for your email client for more information on the BCC: field.

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