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    The first thing is DON’T PANIC! #-o

    ClinicOffice 2005 doesn’t actually delete patient, contact or staff records. It simply puts them in the ‘deleted bin’.

    Here’s what to do…

      – Click Patients from the Home Page
      – At the top right of the patient grid, click Show Deleted (you may also need to click “Show All” if you have just been using some search criteria)
      – You should now see any deleted patients in your database. Find the one you deleted by accident and right click on him/her
      – Click Restore Patient
      – Click YES to confirm that you want to undelete the patient
      – ClinicOffice will now confirm that it has undeleted the patient for you
      – Lastly, click Restore Normal View at the top right to go back to your normal list of patients!

    Et voila! Your patient is now undeleted! :D/

    The exact same principle applies to contact records and staff members. However, this DOES NOT apply to invoices/payments/session notes etc. When these other types of record are deleted, they are physically removed from the database.

    As always, we recommend that you implement a good regular backup strategy which always gives you the option of restoring from a backup if you need to.

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