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    The logon screen in ClinicOffice 2005 has a list of Available Databases that you can log on to. Sometimes, users may accidentally click Remove Database and then (accidentally!) click YES to confirm, which will remove the database from the list.

    [NOTE: It is possible that some more aggressive ‘System Cleaning’ utilities might be deleting the small settings file which remembers where your databases are stored. If you find this problem occurs frequently then this could be causing the problem.]

    Q. What can I do to fix this?

    Click Add Existing Database (underneath the list of available databases) and then locate the folder where your database is stored in. This is the folder that you chose when you first created your database.

    Q. What if I can’t remember which folder I chose when I created my database?

    Click the Windows START button and then SEARCH (or FIND | Files & Folders) and search your computer for a file called ‘clinic.dat‘. This file is part of every ClinicOffice database and hopefully this will indicate in which folder you created your database.

    Q. I still can’t find my database folder!

    If you’re database is not on your computer, then it might be that your database is on a network drive on another computer – you will need to ask your network administrator about this. (Please note that our staff will be unable to help as we obviously won’t know how your network is configured!)

    If you are certain that your database was previously on THIS computer, then the most likely explanation is that someone has inadvertantly deleted your database folder, in which case then the last resort is to restore from a backup. Please take a look in your user guide for more information on “Restoring from a Backup”.

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