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    we are shortly to open a second clinic and wish to work from the same database but are unsure as how to do this…

    Both are connected to the internet. I don’t want to use LOGMEIN or something that takes over the machine remotely, just to access the database…

    Can someone please help me with this?

    Many thanks


    Hi Phil,

    Some customers are using remote desktop to connect into the clinic’s network. This can be done by purchasing terminal services which will allow you to log into your clinic over a broadband connection with more than one windows session (so that multiple users can use ClinicOffice simultaneously.

    There are also some other ‘unofficial’ patches that will allow you to log in remotely to any Windows XP Pro machine with multiple sessions, although we do have to emphasise that this setup is not supported by Microsoft.

    If you would like help setting this up we can help. We can even do this for free if you join the support plan. Just one last thing to note is that you will need to make sure you have sufficient licenses for each ‘concurrent user’ of ClinicOffice.

    I hope this helps.



    Hi Dan
    thanks for the response which was almost understandable for someone of my limited ability!

    I think the support option might be the best… what are you working over christmas/new year as our clinic reopens on the 2nd…




    We’re closed on the 25th/26th December and again on the 1st January. If you would like to joint the support plan please go to the support plan page on our website ( and download the ClinicOffice support plan document which you can print out, complete and return to us.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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