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    Hi there,

    More suggestions:

    Any chance of having the age auto calculation next to the date of birth put in the Clinic Office 2005 version? It was in the Clinic Office XP version and was very handy.

    The date/author stamp in the Notes section of Clinic Office XP was handy too.

    I’ve used other database packages that had an activity log table. This was where we could record calls made/attempted, who made them, date & time, and the result, as well as calls received from clients. Letters sent were also recorded in the same section with a link to the attached document. I’m aware that you have the letter section already. Having all activities in one table with a result drop down list and then a free form notes field would be handy. That way we could record stats on reminder postcards sent/calls made and appointments made as a result to record the success rate.



    Thanks for the suggestion on age calculation and memo stamping, we’ll try to implement them in the next update.

    Full activity logging is a possibility for a future version of ClinicOffice, but it does affect database performance and (depending on the level of logging) it can also massively increase the size of the database.

    Call/contact logging can be achieved using a combination of patient flags, the todo list and the patient generic notes field. In the future we have thought about another module which is more geared towards full contact management but that will be considered later in 2006.


    Glad to hear you are considering a full contact management module. This was gong to be my suggestion. Please include the ability to schedule communications (flyers, phone calls etc). I know this can be done manually with tasks, but if it could be automated so that we were consistent with our communication, that would be awesome.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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