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    We are now in our fourth month of live running with Clinic Office, so we are starting to see possibilities for analysis and businees intelligence reporting.

    To keep it simple would be looking to extract data (via a csv report would be fine) into a reporting database (aka Excel). This can of course be done for the existing report templates. This however is tedious if you are extracting a report on a daily or weekly basis.

    So how easy would it be to produce a “matrix” style report. With the left hand column as the “lable for the data” and then the time periods running across as columns.

    The label would follow the same pattern as many of the existing reports with the data point as a single value such as Total Payment or Total Invoice Value or Number of Treatments.

    The time periods would be a contiguous preriod of either days, weeks or months.

    Not sure what is easy or difficult to achieve from Clinic Office. If it looks possible and cost effective I would be happy to specify more precisely.

    Tony Taylor


    Nice one – i wouldn’t mind that either.

    It can be done i think but it would be a custom report i would suspect.

    I am getting an aged receivables report done (hopefully) which shows All outstanding invoices with columns in the following order…
    1. Name
    2. Total outstanding
    3. 0-30days outstanding
    4. 31-60 days outstanding
    5. 61-90 days outstanding
    6. 90+ Days outstanding

    Other columns can then be added via the column customiser and having your custom fields entered from the patient record.

    These guys are pretty good. This is now our second month live…we tested for at least 6 months!


    Hi Tony – thanks for your post. Please can you provide a detailed mock-up of the report(s) you require.

    You can do this in MS Word or Excel, or you could even print out an existing ClinicOffice report (which is similar) and then write on it to indicate the changes you require. In each case, please be sure to explain what data is being displayed, where it is drawn from the database and/or how it is calculated.

    Please email the report request to or you can fax it (0845 388 6706) and we can then see if it’s possible and also provide you with a quote.

    Many thanks!


    I am now ready to specify an example report. It is based on weekly reporting.

    Weekly Reporting Definitions

    What we currently do
    a) Specify Start of Week as Monday, so last day of week is Sunday
    b) Specify start of Week for Report (i.e. first Monday)
    c) Specify end of Week for Report (i.e. last Sunday)
    d) Repeat for every week we want the report

    Ideally we would like to:-
    a) Specify Start of First week for Report (i.e. first Monday)
    b) Specify Start of Last week for Report (i.e. last Monday)
    (or specify number of weeks!)
    Report would have each week as a new column on the grid.

    Example Report
    a) Start of First Week
    First Monday is Monday 31st August 2010

    b) Start of Last Week
    Last Monday is Monday 22nd November 2010
    13 weeks

    Upload Attachments
    For some reason I cannot seem to upload attachments as examples (the “extension PDF of DOCX not allowed” error message) so I will send in a seperate Email:-

    a) Mock up of Report PDF
    This is based around Invoiced Item by Invoiced Item Category. So whatever appears as an Item Category would appear as a row on the report. As you can see on the mock up sometimes by mistake the item category is blank.
    The report it is based on has columns for
    Net Total
    Tax Total
    Clinic Name

    We are looking to run the report against quantity
    Logically also running the report against the Net Total (£) would also be useful

    b) SQL from source Report (DOCX)

    The basic principal of the report I suspect a number of customers would be interested in. However this one may be a little too specific. So depending on the cost we would be happy to sponsor

    Tony Taylor
    ESO Maidstone

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