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    Here are some features that I think would be beneficial for all…

    Enable COXP to interface with a website so that patients could check their appointments and even book appointments online.

    enhance the re-occurence facility to include fornightly (as our clinic runs on a 2 week cycle.



    Thanks for your suggestions Phil.

    COXP is an outdated version of ClinicOffice and was replaced by CO2005 over two years ago, hence there will be no more development on COXP.

    We have CO2007 being released shortly and after that, we intend to start work on a web-based module.

    As regards your other question, the recurrence facility was enhanced in CO2005 version and already does two week cycles as well as other advanced recurrence patterns. This will also be included in our new CO2007.

    Have you considered joining the ClinicOffice Support Plan which will give you a free upgrade to CO2005 for all your computers, plus a free upgrade to CO2007 once it’s released? Please see our website for more details on the Support Plan or for upgrade pricing from COXP.


    and there was me thinking it was the latest one!!! oops!

    OK, will check out the website – thank you


    Hi all!
    How is the development of the module? Is there already a possibility for the patients to make an appointment online?


    Hi – thanks for your post. We aim to release a Web Module in July/August this year, but it will only be for ClinicOffice v4 (not ClinicOffice XP).


    That sounds very exciting, can you reveal a little more? I am looking to invest in COv4, and this might be the crucial factor.


    Please keep an eye on our main website :
    …and there will be more information coming soon!


    Great – I will! Thanks for the support!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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