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    I would like to create a letter to a patient which lists all future appointments that have been booked. Is this possible?


    Hi Kirsty – thanks for your post. Please can you confirm which Clinic you’re from and who would have purchased your copy of ClinicOffice? This is so that we can locate your record and determine if you have any support with us? If you do then we’ll be happy to connect in remotely and help you design this report.

    If you’re not on the Support Plan and don’t wish to join, then you can still get this information by running the “Appointment List” report and selecting the patient and a future date range and then you could copy/paste this into a letter.


    Our company is called Children’s Independent Therapy NI. Our director would have purchased our copy of Clinic Office, Brian Nolan, although our computer system is maintained by a company called ETHOS so they may have done it for him? I’m not sure whether we have the support plan or not, would have to check with the director…


    Thanks for the clarification Kirsty. We’re pleased to report that you are on the Support Plan with us! As this is a very simple report we’ll be happy to connect in remotely to your computer and do the report without charge. Please give our support line a call (0845 3886705) when you have 10-15 minutes available.

    Many thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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