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    Gaynor Perkins

    The Trial Edition is functionally the same as the Professional Edition (including all the add-on modules) with the following limitations:-

    1. There’s maximum of 50 patients allowed in the Patient Database
    2. Up to 2 people can logon simultaneously (to test network access)
    3. It runs for 30 days and then you either need to purchase it, or we can extend the trial period for you

    The Trial Edition includes all the modules for you to try out. To help you decide whether you require the additional modules, here’s a brief explanation about each one and what it does :-

    ClinicOffice allows you to enter comprehensive notes AS STANDARD, but this module also allows you to design your own advanced clinical forms in order to add even more detail and structure to your notes.

    This module allows you to save files and documents to your patient records as well as using your scanner/digital camera directly from ClinicOffice.

    This module allows you to synchronise appointments between your ClinicOffice diary and either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

    This module allows you to track the stock levels of items in your clinic. It also allows you to raise purchase orders and log deliveries into stock when they are received.

    This module allows you to select from a library of visual templates and draw on/annotate the images which can be attached to clinical notes. You can also import your own visual notes templates to work with.

    Enables you to use ClinicOffice as a full Email program so that you can keep all emails tightly integrated with your patient and contact database records. Also allows you to send full HTML Emails to patients for Newsletters, Emailshots etc

    This module adds even more flexibility to ClinicOffice by enabling you to write code scripts to alter or enhance the behaviour of the program. Please note this requires a degree of technical ability and we recommend joining the support plan for assistance in writing scripts.

    The pricing for all the modules can be found on the ClinicOffice v5 Pricing page.


    I’m not sure which add on modules I will need yet and may just buy the starter version initially, but was wondering what would happen to any forms or notes I created using the trial version? Would they just vanish from the patient records or be unusable? And would I get them back if I bought the add on module?




    Hi Frances,

    >> what would happen to any forms or notes I created using the trial version?
    >> Would they just vanish from the patient records or be unusable?

    Good question! They will still be there and they will be accessible even without the modules, however you wouldn’t be able to create any more Clinical Forms or add any more Visual Notes without the modules.

    The good news is that you can always add the modules at any point later on. They get activated as soon as you purchase them and there’s no need to re-install the program or change your setup at all.

    Hope this helps!

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