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    The Email Manager module allows you to use ClinicOffice as a full email client. There are several key benefits to this :-

    [1] Integrating your email system with your patient database means that you can quickly access a patient’s record from their emails and vica-versa.

    [2] Global email folders allow your staff to have shared email access so staff members can share the responsibilty of replying to patient emails.

    [3] The email module makes it easy to send out newsletters and/or email marketing to your patients. For example, you could quickly and easily an email to all patients who hadn’t been visited your clinic for a year or more, perhaps offering them a discount on a treatment.

    The Email Manager module costs just £95 + vat or an additional £5+vat per month for the Hosted Edition


    Wondering if this is what i need to buy for our requirements? We want to group patients (depending on how long it has been since their last appointment) & send them a direct newsletter / mailshot via email.

    I’ve worked out how to find out patients last appointment dates in reports and templates (that you can then export to a list). How could we get an email sent to each group list? If we purchase the email add-on, would this then work?

    We have your v4 clinic office. Many Thanks.


    Hi – thanks for your post. Please see this FAQ which should help to answer your question :-

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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