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    In total there are FOUR different editions of ClinicOffice : the free Trial Edition, the Startup Edition, the Professional Edition and the Server Edition. This article describes the differences between them.

    The TRIAL Edition

    The Trial Edition is available as a free download from this page on our website. It’s limited to 30 days, but if you need more time to evaluate the software then we’re happy to extend the trial period. The trial is limited to 50 patients and 2 practitioners and it’s NOT networkable. It also contains all the optional extra modules for you to try out.

    The STARTUP Edition

    The Startup Edition is designed for smaller clinics or those that are just starting out. There is a limit of 300 patients and 2 practitioners and it is NOT networkable. You can always upgrade to the Professional Edition later on by simply paying the difference between the two, hence the Startup Edition is often a good starting point for new customers.

    The PROFESSIONAL Edition

    The Professional Edition has no patient or practitioner limitations and is ‘network ready’ so that it can be installed on multiple computers across your network. Both the Startup and Professional editions use a database engine called ElevateDB (please see for more details).

    While the Professional Edition is excellent for small to medium size databases (up to about 1GB) and up to 5 network users, if you have a very large database or more than 5 users simultaneously accessing the system, we would strongly recommend…

    The SERVER Edition

    Functionally, the Server Edition is identical to the Professional Edition (i.e. it has no patient or practitioner limitations). The difference is that it uses a full client/server database engine called PostgreSQL (see which means that the Server Edition can easily handle millions of records, gigabytes of data and dozens of simultaneous users logged on. We recommend the Server Edition if you have more than 5 users accessing the one database at the same time or if have a very large database.

    The HOSTED Edition

    Rather than purchasing the software, you can choose to SUBSCRIBE to the ClinicOffice Hosted Edition instead.

    With the Hosted Edition, you only pay for the number of CONCURRENT users (i.e. how many people are actually using the system at the same time). There is no limit on how many actual staff members you have in your database – only on how many can use the system simultaneously.

    The Hosted service may be preferred for a number of reasons e.g. if you want to have access to your database from different locations (as long as you have an internet connection); you have multiple clinics and want to share data across the sites; you would like to pay monthly to use the software, rather than paying out a large upfront cost.

    What are the Licensing Differences between the Editions?

    While the Startup & Professional editions are licensed per each computer, the Server Edition is licensed by ‘concurrent connection’. In other words, the Server Edition licensing is not base on how many computers you have, but rather how many people will be using the software at the same time (and there’s also no limitation on how many computers it can be installed on).

    For example…

    Imagine you have 10 computers and wish to use ClinicOffice from all of them. With the Professional Edition, you would need to purchase 10 licenses (one for each computer).

    With the Server and the Hosted Edition, however, it would be different. You may know that only up to 5 people will ever be using the system at the same time, hence you could purchase the Server Edition with just 5 licenses or subscribe to 5 users with the Hosted Edition. You can still install the program on all 10 computers, but the Server will limit the number of concurrent connections to 5. (Obviously you can always purchase additional licenses at a later point which is quick and easy.)

    From the above example, you can see that for larger installations, the Server Edition is more flexible and can actually be more cost effective too!

    If you have clinics at different locations and need to have access to the same database, then the Hosted Edition would be the best way to go

    We hope this helps to define the differences between the different editions. Please feel free to post a reply if you would like any more information. 🙂

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