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    On 4th January 2011 the British Government is raising VAT from 17.5% to 20.0%. (Please note: this article is only applicable if you charge VAT, otherwise you don’t need to do anything!)

    For more information about the VAT increase, please see this document :-

    This article explains how to change the VAT of your items/services. Please note that this will NOT change any historic invoices which you have already entered – it will only affect future invoices which you raise from this point onward.

    Changing the VAT% for existing Items & Services

    There are two ways to accomplish this. You can either manually adjust each item (which is fine if you don’t have too many), or they can all be done in one database operation.

    If you only have a few items, we recommend manually adjusting your items. Here’s how :-

      – Go to your Items & Services database
      – Double click on one of the items
      – In the Item Editor screen, change the Tax % to 20.0

    The second method is to perform a database operation to update ALL your items in one go. To do this, please follow these steps :-

      – Take a BACKUP of your database
      – After the backup is finished, go to the TOOLS tab and click Advanced DB Operation
      – Select the code below and COPY it to the clipboard (CTRL-C or right-click | Copy)

      update item set taxpercent=0.2 where taxpercent>0.17 and taxpercent<0.18

      - Paste the code into the Advanced Database Operation window (in ClinicOffice)
      - Click the Execute button

    A message will appear once the database operation has finished. Click OK to dismiss this message and then click Close to finish.

    Now refresh the Items & Services screen and you should see that all the VAT percentages which were previously 17.5% have been changed to 20.0%.

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