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    Joshua Barrs

    Some email providers (in this case, Google) lock down accounts by default, preventing external programs like ClinicOffice from accessing them.

    In Google terminology, you need to “Allow less secure apps to access your account”.

    Please note that although Google classifies ClinicOffice is a ‘less secure app’, our software is in fact very secure. Permitting ClinicOffice to access your Google account in this way is NOT dangerous and does not open up your account to being ‘hacked’. Of course, if you were to start downloading other apps off the internet and inputting your Google account details in to them, then that would be a different matter! For a more technical discussion, please see this discussion on Stack Overflow.

    To “allow less secure apps to access your account”, please follow these steps :-

    [1] Go to your Google account home page and log in :-

    [2] Click on “Connected Apps And Sites” as shown below:-

    [3] Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you should see this switch :-

    [4] Click the blue switch to turn this ON (i.e. Allow less secure apps: ON)

    Once this is done, you will be able to use your email acount from within ClinicOffice as an IMAP account! :D/

    Q. I’ve followed these instructions, but I can’t see “Allow less secure apps” on my Google Account screen!

    This may be because (a) your Google Account has “2 step verification” enabled, in which case you will need to generate an app password; or (b) if you are a “G-Suite” user and this option is missing, then it may be that the Administrator has disabled the setting.

    This means that to use your GMAIL account with ClinicOffice, you will need to either (a) generate an app password through your Google Account, please follow steps below to do this; or (b) ask your “G-Suite” to enable the setting for your account.

    How to Generate an App Password in Your Google Account

    [1] Please visit your App Passwords page. If asked to sign in please enter your Google Account details.

    [2] At the bottom of the screen, click Select app and choose Mail.

    [3] Click Select device and choose the device you are using i.e. Windows Computer

    [4] Select Generate

    [5] Please copy the app password (16 character code in yellow) and paste this into the password field on the Incoming Server and/or the Outgoing Server page in the Email Account Manager in ClinicOffice.

    When you click the Test Server button it should connect straight to your GMAIL.

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