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    Joshua Barrs

    From the update 1097 and on-wards, ClinicOffice is being compiled so that it can run either on the 32-bit or 64-bit architectures. Depending on the version of Windows you are running ClinicOffice will default to that architecture type. Most modern computers have a 64-bit operating system, so for these ClinicOffice will default to 64-bit. This has advantages because it can utilise more of the system memory. In fact, most modern applications now run in a 64-bit architecture. However, what you may have noticed is that you can no longer see your scanner in the list of available devices inside ClinicOffice since the update, or ClinicOffice displays a message with something along the lines of ‘Unable to locate WIA device‘.

    This means that your device relies on a 32-bit TWAIN driver to connect to your computer. To get things working again, you will need to force ClinicOffice to run in 32-bit mode. To do this, please follow the instructions below.

    1) Locate the ClinicOffice shortcut on your desktop

    2) Right-click on it and select Properties

    In this window we are interested in the Target Line highlighted in blue below.

    Please DO NOT delete anything from this box.

    3) Insert ‘_32‘ (without the quotes) between ClinicOfficeV5 and .exe.

    Instead of reading ‘ClinicOfficeV5.exe’, the line should now read ‘ClinicOfficeV5_32.exe‘. Please see the picture below as an example of how this should look.

    4) Once completed, press Apply, and OK.

    5) Click OK to any pop-ups

    The shortcut will now run ClinicOffice in 32-bit mode, and your scanner device will work again.

    **Please note, if you have your ClinicOffice icon pinned to your taskbar at the bottom of your screen, you will need to un-pin it, make the changes to the shortcut, and then re-pin it again.**

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