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    Occasionally we have experienced some anti-virus programs wrongly reporting some ClinicOffice as files as being “infected” or “potentially dangerous”.

    This is called a false-positive. Typically the anti-virus software will then quarantine the files which stops ClinicOffice from working.

    Even if you haven’t experienced false-positives with your anti-virus software, we still recommend that your EXCLUDE both ClinicOffice itself and your database from being repeatedly scanned as it will adversely affect performance.

    Q. What folders should be excluded?

    FIRSTLY, you should exclude your database folder(s) from being scanned.

    For the Startup or Professional Editions this will typically be something like :-

    (or you could just exclude the entire "C:COv5_Data" folder and all sub-folders)

    For the Server Edition the database will usually be in :-

    (although it may be in "D:PGSQL" or "E:PGSQL" depending on where it was installed)

    SECONDLY (for all Editions) you should exclude the ClinicOffice “PROGRAM FILES” folder. Typically :-

    C:Program FilesPioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v5
    - or -
    C:Program Files (x86)Pioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v5

    Q. Where can I find more information on how to exclude folders?

    As there are dozens of different Anti-Virus programs which are all diverse (even different versions of the same software differ!), we’re not able to provide instructions for every version of every program.

    Please refer to the documentation which came with your particular Anti-Virus program to see how to create the above exclusions… or you can always try Google! For example :-

    Google: Norton 360 exclude folders from scan
    Google: AVG exclude folders from scan
    Google: McAfee exclude folders from scan
    Google: BitDefender exclude folders from scan
    … and so on. 🙂

    If you have any questions about the above, please reply to this post and give us as much information as possible and our support team will be happy to help. Alternatively, if you’re on the ClinicOffice Support Plan, please feel free to contact our helpdesk directly.


    I have tried excluding the folders you’ve mentioned on my McAffee antivirus-software. I am able to NOT scan the database folder. The program folder however can’t be excluded since this is a critical systemfolder and/or systemfile. It tells me that when I exclude these file or folders, I am creating a serious security leak.
    Can’t I force these folders to be excluded? Or should I direct this question to McAfee?




    Thanks Roelof. This is a case of a false-positive (discussed above) where McAfee incorrectly thinks “ClinicOffice Database Service.exe” needs to be quarantined. We have submitted the file to McAfee and (once they’ve tested it) they will update their virus definition database.

    Until then, please restore the file and make sure you exclude your ClinicOffice PROGRAM FILES folder (see above). If a sub-folder under “Program Files” cannot be excluded, then I guess you’ll have to re-install ClinicOffice into a different folder which is not under “Program Files” and then exclude it. Other than that, I’m afraid I’m not sure what to suggest – you’d need to ask McAfee!

    Many thanks!

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