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    Joshua Barrs

    Once we have configured the online diary, we will provide you with a URL. That link will take you to your diary logon page.

    Both you AND your patients will use the SAME page to log on.

    For staff members…

    simply head to the URL and type your ClinicOffice username and password. This will log you on to the admin side of the diary. You will need to have a password set for your account to use the online diary for security reasons. This can be set from the ‘View’ tab, then ‘Change My Password’.

    For Patients…

    Before logging on they will need to register. You can either register them yourselves or allow them to do it via the diary registration links. If you want to do it yourself, then you can head to the patient’s record and click ‘Online Diary Access’. On the screen that appears, set to ‘Active’, and then generate a password. Once done, click the ‘Send Email’ button to send the details to the patient.

    If you prefer, often a much easier option is to allow the patient to register themselves. Under the diary admin settings, you have the option to allow existing patients only or new patients to register also. Existing patient means that they already exist inside your ClinicOffice database. When you check these options, they appear as links on the main diary logon page as below.

    ClinicOffice uses the patient’s email address to register them, so if you have the same email assigned to more than 1 patient, the system cannot register them. If an existing patient tries to register using the new patient registration link, then again, the system cannot register them, as their email address has already been used. In this case, a generic message will be displayed prompting the user to call the clinic, so as not to reveal patients email addresses to the public.

    As always, if you have any questions, then please feel free to reply to this post.

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