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    This FAQ explains how to perform a mail-merge using Microsoft Word.

    Firstly, a word about mail-merging with MS Word and where ClinicOffice fits in to the process. According to Microsoft’s website, there are four steps to performing a mail-merge in MS Word…

      Step 1: Choose a document type and main document
      Step 2: Connect to a data file and select records
      Step 3: Add fields to the main document
      Step 4: Preview the merge and then complete it

    ClinicOffice comes in at Step 2 by making it easy to create the data file that can be used by MS Word.

      [1] Firstly go to the patient screen
      [2] Now you need to make sure that the patients to be included in the mail merge are on the screen. (Do this by performing whatever search is necessary to retrieve the desired patient records for the merge.)
      [3] Make sure all that you are displaying all the necessary columns that you want to include in the Merge. For example, it is often useful to have the “Title”, “Firstnames” and “Surname” fields available. To do this, right-click on the grid and then click “Show Column Chooser”. Now you can drag-and-drop any additional columns to the grid to add them to the current display.
      [4] Once you the on-screen grid contains all the data you need, right-click on the grid, then click “Export for Mail Merge” and then click “Export to Text”
      [5] Select the folder and filename for the data file. (If you’re unsure then we recommend saving the file to your Desktop which makes it easy to retrieve later on)

    This process has now created the data file that MS Word can use to perform the merge.

    As regards the actual mail-merge process itself, Microsoft have provided a full step-by-step guide. Please click the following link…

    If you want to print address labels, then we highly recommend downloading the AVERY Wizard, a FREE utility which is available from the Avery website. It makes the mail-merging process onto labels really easy. Click the following link…

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