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    I am looking for a report that lists all our patients who have a none zero balance on their patient account.

    The “Patient List” would work in the right way but there seems to be no way to include the outstanding balance on it.

    We have several thousand patients, where nearly all of them have a zero balance. So need to be able to limit down to include only those with none zero balances.

    Tony Taylor


    Yes please – i would like that too please 🙂

    ACtually – i have this report! Will upload it for you?


    Sorry – just looked at the SQL – it is coded for my clinic and custom fields.

    Hedley and William were great in providing a report for me that did it.

    Ask them about it 🙂



    Hi – please find attached two reports :-

    Account Balances (All)
    Account Balances (Open)

    Please see this faq document if you need help importing these reports into your database :-

    Hope this helps!

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