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    I’m currently having a problem importing a clinical form into COV4. It brings up an error message – something about an incorrect line label I think. Any ideas how I can overcome this please?


    I’m sorry but we’ll need a lot more information to be able to assist you.

    Firstly however, please make sure that you have updated your ClinicOffice installation to the LATEST version (click TOOLS | CHECK FOR UPDATES) on both computers i.e. the PC where you’re exporting the form and the one where you’re importing the form. Once you’ve done that, export the form again and try to import it.

    If the problem persists, please email the form file to our support team along with a detailed description of the problem and we’ll see if we can help.

    Many thanks.


    Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I did as you suggested and both computers have the latest edition of the COV4 software. The error message which comes up when I try to import the file is:

    The exception was of type: Elevate.ElevateDB.Data.EDBException

    The exception message was:-
    ElevateDB Error # 406 An error occurred with the statement at line 3 and column 23 (Invalid column identifier

    I tried to add the form as an e-mail attachment to this message but a message comes up saying the extension cov4_form is not allowed.

    Is there any way I can e-mail this file to you?
    Thanks, Lisa


    Please can you ZIP the COv4_Form file first and then attach the ZIP file – thanks!


    Thanks, please find the attached form in a zipped file.

    Kind regards,



    There was an invalid field name in there which was causing the problem. My guess is that you may have exported this report from a much older version of ClinicOffice, or perhaps from the Server Edition.

    Please find the fixed form attached.

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    Thank you so much, I’ve imported the form and it works perfectly now.
    Kind regards,

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