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    I was wondering is there a way to list in a report/doc the total number appointments had by a patient, how does one reference this data to:
    1) list the appointment(s) contents (i.e the appointments table contents of a patient from the database if there is one)?

    Which would then let one

    2) count the number of appointments?
    3) when the 1st appointment for a patient was, based on date?

    Many thanks


    Hi there,

    Perhaps the easiest way to achieve the required result would be to use the Appointment List report. Under the search fields when you open the report (under Other Search Fields) you should find a Patient look up. You can search on the specific patient. It should default to ordering the grid in date order and the count will be present in the bottom left of the grid.

    If you wanted to view all patients, you can group them using the Group by box. When you drag the Patient column into the group by box then it will group the data by patient. If you don’t see the group by box ( it should say “Drag a column here to group by that column“) then you can turn this on in the grid options on the right hand side and there is an option to “Toggle Group By Box

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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