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    I am sure Clinic Office is able to do it but I want to run a report to show which patients have not been in for the last 6 weeks…

    (I am currently running Clinic Office XP)

    Is anyone able to help please?



    Thanks for the question Phil.

    Clinic Office XP does have this feature. For what you want you would be better of using the Patient grid itself(This is easier and quicker).

    Follow the steps below:-
    1)Go to the Patient Grid.
    2)Click Show The Grid Settings.
    3)Underneath Optional Fields tick the box for Last Appointment.
    4)Click Hide The Grid Settings.
    5)Now under Common Tasks on the left hand side click Search For A Patient.
    6)Toward the bottom of this search window you will notice a row called Add Another Criteria On. Select under the drop down menu, Last Appointment as a criteria.
    7)Now click Add Criteria(next to the drop down box). You will notice an additional search field has been added.
    8)Under this field select on the drop down menu On or Before. A small window will come up.
    9)Select what date you want it from, then click Ok .

    This will display all patients who have not had an appointment within the last 6 weeks. If you wish you can print this grid by clicking on Print This Grid under Common Actions.


    brilliant! Thank you…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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