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    We are a registered charity with a number of our treatents provided free of charge.

    CO does not raise an invoice for zero value treatments. This is not a problem in itself.

    If we use the standard summary report for goods and services by category we can pick up the number of treatments in a category and the association invoiced value. However the detailed transaction list uses invoice number and so does not show the detailed transactions for free of charge.

    How can I provide a transaction list for the free of charge treatments carried out. i.e. within a given time period for a particular product category?

    Tony Taylor
    ESO Maidstone


    You can still raise invoices for a £0 amount – the invoice will simply show up as being “Paid” immediately. This will allow you to use the various sales reports which rely on an invoice being raised for items.


    Raising zero value invoices

    We almost invariably use quick transaction to raise the invoice and process the payment at the same time as the patient pays at reception. Sorry but I am unsure how to traise the zero value invoice in these circumstances. The User Guide not surprisingly does not seem to cover this.

    I am looking for an idiots guide that I can understand then our receptionists will have no problems

    Thanks for your help


    Just don’t enter any items on the invoice (so the total = 0), or if you do add items simply make the unit cost 0. You then don’t have to enter a payment as the invoice will automatically be paid in full.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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