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    We are a University Clinic with a large number of staff and students.

    I am looking for an easy summary way to view/report what security access groups each individual is assigned to.

    Access Group does not seem to appear in the Staff Members Column Selector of the Matrix Report nor can I find a prebuilt report that does the job.

    Suggestions please.

    Tony Taylor


    Hi Tony,

    Please find attached a new report called “Staff Access Groups”. You can follow the instructions found here to import it to your database :-

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the new standard report. However a couple of issues:-

    1. Deleted Staff are included

    The report includes Staff who have been deleted as well as those who are “live.” I believe the report should only include “live” Users

    2. Additional Report Columns

    Our User Security is based upon the Staff Category and Job Title to work out which User Access Group they should be in. These Columns are not available for selection.

    How do I add the “Staff Category” and “Job Title” to the report

    3. Access Rights for each User Access Group

    This is looking at the make up of each User Access Group rather than which Users are assigned to which Access Groups. When you set up a User Access Group there are a lot of choices to be made. How do I print out this list of selections for reference and control purposes.

    What I have in mind is like the set up screen;-
    Access Selections down the page and with all the User Access Groups as columns. Then it is easy to check how the access varies between the User Access Groups

    Tony Taylor ESO


    Please find attached a revised report. This now excludes deleted staff members and it includes the “Job Title” and “Staff Category” columns.

    Regarding your third point, we’ve added to the wishlist the ability to print the Access Rights screen.

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