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    On the standard invoice it shows the costs and below the line the final costs. When there is a discount it only changes the total amount at the bottom, without showing the percentage of discount.

    What line of code shows the amount of discount on the invoice, but leaves out the discount when there is none?


    price: 90
    discount 50% 45
    total 45


    Hi there Roelof thanks for your post,

    You are able to show a field for discount amount and also the discount percentage on a report. Here is how to do it:

    1) Right click on the report and click Design Report

    2) There is a column on the left hand side, click and hold and drag the one called Label to where you want the field to show

    3) When you have the field showing on your report you will see a little > in the top right corner of the field. Click it to open up the menu

    4) When you have clicked the >, a window will appear. Please click the 3 … on the Format String field.

    5) Under Category click the currency option and then select the C format string. If it is the discount percentage you are trying to create, please use the percent format string

    6) When you have click OK, you go back to the previous window. Click the drop down menu where it says Data Binding

    7)Another little window will appear and there will be an option to open up a table called Report Data

    8) Once that is opened, scroll down until you find the options DiscAmount and Discpercent. Please only use one of these options per field you create.

    9) Once you have done this, click Save and then open up your report as normal and you should see the discounted fields you have created.

    Thanks again for your post, if you have any difficulty following these step by step instructions, please reply to the post and I will edit them accordingly. :mrgreen:



    A program with no limitations!

    You answered 99% of my question. The only thing that remains is: When there is no discount, the field supposed to hide. Is this possible? Do I have to add something to the format string?


    Hi again Roelof,

    Yes this can be done, but we will need to customize the report which will require some effort on our part

    As such, customization of reports are charged at a price, depending on how much work is involved.

    Would you still be interested in doing this?

    I look forward to your reply. :mrgreen:

    Mat Larkin


    Hi thanks for answering,

    for now i can manage with 2 different templates then. One with discount and one without. But I’ll keep your answer in mind for the future.



    Hi guys – I gave this subject some thought and it seems that having an ‘intelligent’ report which shows/hides discount information should be a standard feature, so the default INVOICE template has now been updated to do this.

    Please find the new template attached to this post. For instructions on importing it into your database, please see this post :-

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    Hi, just found this answer on the thread. ‘Made my weekend complete.

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