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    This problem arose when we looking to analyse the occupations recorded for our patients. We are a large Clinic with around 7,000 patients on the database.

    On the grid report we can group the patients by occupation. So with the detail minimised we get a reasonable report showing the number of patients in each occuptation category.

    How can I print this or export the result to Excel?

    If we goto print preview this gives us the category with the all the individual patients listed against each category. This is a rather long report. There does not appear to be anyway of just having the summary.

    Yes I know we can request a “summary report” to be built. But looking here at the generic issue where for a any detailed report sometimes a summary by a category is useful

    Tony Taylor
    ESO Maidstone


    I have now managed to find the export grid option

    Left click on one of the category lines (anywhere else does not give the option)

    But it exports everything all 8,500 lines!


    Please try the following :-

    [1] Run your grouped report and make sure all groups are collapsed (so that you just see the summary)
    [2] Click PRINT PREVIEW
    [3] On the Print Preview screen, click OPTIONS, click the BEHAVIOUR tab then under “Expand” untick “All Groups”
    [4] Click OK

    Please let us know if that has the desired effect?


    This works fine.

    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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