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    It’s important to understand that your reports & templates are actually stored IN your database.

    This allows you to fully customise and tailor them to YOUR data. It also means that your report and template designs are included with your database backups. For example, if your computer were to break down and you had to restore your database to another computer, all your reports/templates would also be restored too without any extra effort.

    However, this architecture also means that while updates to ClinicOffice may introduce some new ‘stock’ reports into your database, they will not update your existing report/templates which would result in you losing all your customisations!

    Q. So how do I get the latest version of a report/template?

    If your ClinicOffice v4 installation is up-to-date then you will find the latest versions of the ‘stock’ report/template files installed on your computer in the ‘defaults’ subfolder under your ClinicOffice v4 installation folder, i.e.
    C:Program FilesPioneer SoftwareClinicOffice v4defaults

    Additionally, you can always download the latest versions of the ‘stock’ reports & templates from here.

    For more information on importing a COv4_Report file into your database, please see this post here :-

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