About Us

Pioneer Software are a small dynamic UK based software development company specialising in the design, development and implementation of Microsoft Windows applications.

The company was formed in 1998 and the individuals making up our team have decades of experience between them across all areas of the IT industry. We also have several years experience working closely with healthcare professionals across a variety of medical disciplines, which resulted in the success of our ClinicOffice software.

Our Services

The key focus of our company is developing and marketing our own software products (specifically ClinicOffice) as well as providing support and training. However, another service we offer is to undertake the design, development and implementation of bespoke software solutions for our clients.

We have a small and dynamic team, which helps us to avoid the inefficiencies prone to large development groups and enables us to develop applications rapidly. We pride ourselves on :-

  • Maintaining good client communication

    Experience shows that good communication through the development life cycle is essential for a successful product. We really listen to what our clients say and are not satisfied until they are!

  • Working within our realms of expertise

    We only develop software with technology and for platforms within our field of expertise. This gives clients confidence that we really do know what we’re talking about from long years of experience!

  • Building maintainable applications

    We adhere to universally accepted coding practices and standards so that our software is easy to maintain and build on for future versions.

  • Keeping it simple!

    The fast pace of technology can be intimidating. We believe that even the most intricate software can and should be kept as simple as possible for the end user, and that everything should be explained in uncomplicated terms that anyone can understand.

Q. What Technology do you use?

We develop applications for Microsoft Windows primarily using Microsoft’s Visual Studio (C#).

For small to medium size database applications our preferred database engine is ElevateDB which is an excellent file-based database system. For larger database applications, we usually use PostgreSQL (PGSQL) or Microsoft SQL Server, although we are always happy to adapt to our clients needs.

Q. Do you Offer Bespoke Development?

If you require bespoke development then we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.

Companies who have benefited from our services include…