ClinicOffice SMS Text Messages

We’ve been partnering with a number of SMS Text Message providers for many years now, which has given us the expertise and platform to build our own SMS messaging system.

This means that you can configure ClinicOffice to automatically send out text messages en-masse (such as appointment reminders or patient recalls), as well as having the ability to send text messages manually on an ad-hoc basis… and all of this is available at very competitive prices!

No! We only use direct connect routes (also known as ‘white routes’), which means SMS messages sent from ClinicOffice will be sent through mainstream UK mobile networks.
Yes – our SMS system covers by far the majority of countries where we have customers. However, please note that depending on your country, the cost per message might be slightly higher or lower than when sending messages to the UK. Please see the pricing section further down this page for more information.