The History of ClinicOffice

Year 2023

May 2023 saw the release of ClinicOffice v6, which was delayed by a series of events. EU GDPR (2018), Brexit (2020) and two years of COVID (2020-2022) meant urgent work was required on COv5 to adapt to changing needs. For example: a full consent system, Zoom integration for telehealth and E-Docs for online form completion were all going to be COv6 features, but needed to be retro-fitted into COv5 instead.

Once the dust settled, we were finally able to release COv6… a further evolution of COv5 focused on introducing a suite of ‘Business Intelligence’ tools to the software, as well further integrations with 3rd party services and a solid platform for further planned development, including integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT!