What is EMR Software?

What is EMR? 

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records. An EMR contains the medical/clinical information within an individual electronic record. EMR’s go beyond that of normal paper records as they can be more comprehensive and can be easier to link other data such as Clinical Notes, Electronic Billing, Appointments and so forth.

An EMR is also more beneficial than a paper records because

  • You can track data more easily (as mentioned above)
  • You can flag patients more easily and alert other staff members i.e Allergies etc
  • See a great overall history of Clinical History
  • Automatically see what a Patient may owe financially

They can also be shared over a network so that other practitioners can see this information easily instead of going to a centralised paper filing system and spending a lot of time searching for the data.

So is ClinicOffice EMR software?

In a sense yes but we like to refer to our software as Practice Management Software. EMR/EHR software can be linked to full on Medical Software that is used within the NHS. Our software is for private practices such as Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths – the list goes on. Our software does store Electronic Medical Records such as Patients, Appointments, Invoices,Payments, Reports, Clinical Notes, Documents and more.

We have an Overview page which you are more than welcome to visit so you can see what our software does. If that’s not enough, why not download a free 30 day trial of our software to see for yourself.

We are confident that you will find ClinicOffice – the most advanced practice management software on the market today – a great alternative to other EMR/EHR software.

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