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We are sure you would agree that it’s important that whatever software you use for your Psychology clinic, it has to be reliable and also very secure. The fact that you are storing such confidential notes on clients and other sensitive data means you need some Clinic Software that gives you peace of mind.

ClinicOffice uses 128-bit security encryption which means it is one of the safest clinic software packages to use. Not only can you password protect the software, you can also set individual passwords on each patient record and their clinical notes.

The data is also stored in a format that is not readable unless you have ClinicOffice so you can rest assured that all of your clients data and your clinical information is safe.

Instead of just taking our word for it, why not give ClinicOffice a try? Please download our free 30-day trial so you can see for yourself how beneficial this software can be for you and your clinic.

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“Before finding ClinicOffice, our clinic had used three different practice management programs and had very bad experiences…  I can’t thank Pioneer Software enough!”Alex Hedger– Dynamic You

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