Why Choose ClinicOffice for your Clinic?

Beautiful & User Friendly Clinic Management Software

We say it a lot but we truly believe that ClinicOffice is the most advanced practice management software available today. It’s feature rich, highly sophisticated and very reliable. ClinicOffice is also used by many medical professionals such as;

  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Podiatrists
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Dietitians
  • Massage Therapists
  • Private GP’s
  • Naturopaths
  • Multi-Disciplinary Clinics
  • and many more

Currently we have over 4000 users across 25 different countries and we have a customer satisfaction rating of 95%. Pioneer Software Ltd (developers of ClinicOffice) have an excellent, friendly and knowledgeable support team available. Their combined knowledge has benefited many Clinics and continues to do so today!

What features are included in ClinicOffice? 

We have optional addons available to people who want to expand the software, however some of the features included are;

  • Advanced Appointment Diary
  • Fully Customisable On-Screen Editors
  • Automated SMS Reminders
  • Multi-Clinic Support
  • Clinical Cases & Sessions
  • Google Calendar Synchronisation
  • Patient, Staff and Contact Databases
  • Finances section (Invoices, Payments, Credits & Refunds)
  • Task management
  • and the list goes on…

In fact, you can have a look at our overview page to look at more of the features we offer as standard and as optional extras.

Do you offer a Cloud Based Version? 

Absolutely! Our ClinicOffice v5 comes either as a Local edition (where you install it on your local computers) or as a Hosted Edition (Installed on our powerful servers and accessed over the internet). The Hosted (or cloud based) edition is getting even more popular. All you need is a reliable internet connection. ClinicOffice Hosted Edition can be accessed through many different devices such as PC, MAC, iPad, Android etc. Our Local edition needs to be installed on a Windows PC. Not sure which one to go for? Well, we have a comparison page so you can see which edition of our practice management software is beneficial for you.

In conclusion, there are many reasons as to why ClinicOffice is such a popular choice today. We have cost-effective prices, reliable software and no hidden costs. We’re so confident that our clinic management software can help you, we offer a free 30 day trial with no obligation to carry on using it afterwards.

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