Is ClinicOffice compatible with a MAC?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “Does ClinicOffice run on a MAC?”
… and the answer is YES!

We have hundreds of customers who have been happily running ClinicOffice on their MACs for many years. Bear in mind though that ClinicOffice is a Microsoft Windows application, so it won’t run directly on the Apple Operating System (OS X).

By far the simplest way to run ClinicOffice on your MAC is to choose the ClinicOffice Hosted Edition. The Hosted Edition is ‘hosted’ on our powerful Windows Cloud Servers, so all you need to do is download a free Remote Desktop program which connects your MAC to a Windows Server.

Why not give it a quick try? Click here for instructions on how to try out the Hosted Edition on your Apple MAC.

ClinicOffice v5 - Clinic Management Software box