Do We Offer Free Software?

Free isn’t always best…

Pioneer Software offer a FREE 30 day trial to try our flagship product – ClinicOffice v5 – The most advanced practice management software packages available today. Once you finish the trial, you can either purchase the software or finish the free trial there.

Whilst there maybe free alternatives out there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. That old saying “You get what you….pay for. Sometimes free software means bad software.

ClinicOffice v5 however, has achieved a great balance between quality and price. Our prices are very cost-effective but the quality of our software is very high. Our Clinic Management Software comes packed with many useful features and there is even the option to add on more if required. Here’s what we have to offer,

  • ClinicOffice v5 Startup Edition – 2 Staff Members, 300 Patient Records, Non-Networkable (Perfect for Single Practitioners).
  • ClinicOffice v5 Professional Edition – Unlimited Staff Members, Unlimited Patients, Network Ready (Perfect for Small/Medium Clinics).
  • ClinicOffice v5 Server Edition – Unlimited Staff Members, Unlimited Patients, Network Ready (Perfect for Large/Enterprise Clinics).

The features for the above don’t stop there. Our ClinicOffice v5 Overview page will give you a lot more detail as to what is included with our software. Prices for the above start from just £150.00. You will find that our prices are really competitive.

We also offer a Hosted Edition which is the same software as our ClinicOffice v5 Server Edition, but you connect in remotely from your device and we host your data on our very secure, reliable, UK Based Servers.

So whilst our software isn’t free to use indefinitely, you would agree that our prices are low enough to be competitive. Remember, just because our prices are low, it doesn’t mean that the quality of our software is. Try it for yourself and you will find that ClinicOffice v5 can be a real asset for you and your Clinic.

ClinicOffice v5 - Clinic Management Software box