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ClinicOffice is the best software by far!

Studies have shown that there is still a fairly high number of clinics who insist on using a paper diary. If this is you, you may think that using a paper diary over Clinic Software is better for you. It may have helped so far, however as times goes on, you will have to agree that getting a good, reliable Clinic Software package is the only way forward. You should choose ClinicOffice to look after your Clinic.

ClinicOffice – the most advanced clinic management software available – should be your number one choice. It comes packed full of amazing features as standard and there are options to expand it even further with the purchase of add-ons.

Our Clinic Software has the following standard features;

  • Advanced Clinical Appointment Diary
  • Automated SMS reminders to staff and patients
  • Fully secured Patient Database
  • Dozens of useful reports
  • Link Skype for your VOIP calls
  • Contact log to easily record calls between patients.
  • Much more

Take a look at our overview page to get a wider view of what our software can do for you.

Whether it’s a cloud based for a single practitioner to a locally installed version for 100 users, we have you covered no matter what.

We have well over 4000 users all over the world using our software with pride and we would love for you to join us.

Instead of taking our word for it, why not take a look at some of our lovely testimonials? Also, please do not hesitate to go and download a free copy of our 30-day trial.

Thanks for reading and by all means, feel free to read some of our previous articles.

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