Should I subscribe (Hosted) or purchase ClinicOffice?

There are two ways to get hold of ClinicOffice :-

  • You can subscribe to the cloud-based ClinicOffice Hosted Edition (monthly payments) or…
  • You can purchase the Startup, Pro or Server Edition (one-off purchase) which is installed on your own computer(s).

Hosted Edition

Startup, Pro or Server Edition

No large up-front payment – instead you pay a monthly subscription for as long as you wish to use the software.


After purchasing, you own the software license for life. There are no additional compulsory charges.
Our Support Plan is included in the monthly subscription and all the benefits (backups, discounts etc.) are included as standard.


Our Support Plan is an optional extra. If you don’t join the Support Plan, you can still get free support via the ClinicOffice Support Forum.
The Hosted Edition requires no installation, but it does require a good internet connection. As with any on-line service, if your internet goes down you lose access.

We host your database for you on our secure servers and perform regular backups and maintenance on your behalf.


The program is installed locally on your own computer(s) and you will need to periodically update the software yourself (updates are free).

Your database is stored on your own server (or networked computer) and you are responsible for backing up your data.

ClinicOffice is accessible from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

We recommend using a Windows PC, but you can use any device which can access a Windows Server via Remote Desktop (e.g. Apple MAC, Chromebook, iPad, Android etc).


You can only access ClinicOffice from a Windows computer which has ClinicOffice installed on it and which is physically connected to your network.

Remote Access is still possible using 3rd party services, but this is something that you will need to manage yourself.

Accessing the Hosted Edition is likely to be a bit slower than accessing it on your own computer, but as long as you have a decent internet connection, the performance will certainly be acceptable.


As long as your PCs are a reasonable specification, then running over a wired Local Area Network (LAN) is the best option – especially if you choose the Server Edition.
A ‘hosted’ program runs on a remote computer, so some features aren’t available in the Hosted Edition.

For example, you can’t scan documents directly into ClinicOffice from a local scanner (although documents can be scanned locally and then uploaded).


When run locally on a computer, there are no limitations as to functionality. Please bear in mind that ClinicOffice is ‘modular’ so you may need to purchase additional modules to use specific features.

So what do they cost?

If you choose to subscribe to the Hosted service, the cost is ongoing and paid monthly – please see the price list below for full details:

Subcription price list

If you choose to purchase ClinicOffice, you will own the software and licenses for life – please see the price list below for full details:

Purchasing price list

Need some help deciding? Give our friendly sales team a call on 01205 205500.

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